Superman is not the best hero

Superman, is NOT the greatest superhero ever for many reasons.
November 21, 2007
Superman may be the most popular superhero (along with Spiderman), but he is certainly not the greatest superhero in the history of superheros. He has been critically lauded as "one of the most famous and popular superheroes and an American cultural icon." He is as old as the Earth itself, or so it seems. He has been around since 1932 when American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian Artist Joe Shuster created him when they were living in Cleveland, Ohio. I praise Superman for the success he has made, but at the same time I reject him. And here are my reasons why:

1. He is damn near invulnerable, the only thing that can damage him is Kryptonite, which, out of the comics and movie's I have seen is hardly seen. For something that comes in 5 different colors & effects (red, green, gold, blue and black) we hardly see much of it, so, technically making Superman invulnerable. Aside from this weakness he is. I believe that an average superhero should have at least one good weakness that you can see regularly.

2. He has so much hype around him, it's not funny. There's not a single person out there who doesn't know who Superman is (much like Mario.). I'm not a follower, I go my separate ways from what other people believe, hence, this article. I just don't like stuff as much if they have so much hype/popularity surrounding them. It makes me feel not unique, and I like to be unique.

3. I am a very big fan of videogames. If I like a comic book or tv show or movie, and they make a video game out of it, I must have it. What does this have to do with Superman you ask? His games are horrible. The only decent one I can think of is Death and Return of Superman (SNES, I recommend it actually.) For someone so great such as Superman, I would think his games would be awesome. But no, they are NOT. Stay away from the Superman games. Burn them with holy water! Most notable of "Worst Superman and Worst video game ever made" is Superman 64. This is what I thought I could get me back into Superman. Superman venturing into the video game world of 3D did not turn out well. He does not even have a face!

(Easier than it sounds, believe me.)

4. He is given every power in the book except Invisibility. I mean, he can FLY AROUND THE WORLD to reverse time! His chest can deflect rockets and bullets! He can punch through 50,000 tons of steel! He is just too damn powerful. A superhero should not be THAT powerful. But oh well...they don't call him Superman for nothing.

And so concludes my rant of why Superman is not the greatest superhero in the world. I hope you enjoyed this article and thank you for taking your time to read this article. Stay tuned for more superhero articles!
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