Bates Motel
Release: January 01, 1987

An NBC Original Movie inspired by Robert Bloch's novel "Psycho", that was intended as a pilot for the anthology series. After Norman Bates' death, his motel is left in the care of fellow mental patient Alex (Bud Cort, HAROLD AND MAUDE). He gets released from the institution and decides to open the motel again, but he has met with troubles all the way. Soon he befriends squatter Willie (Lori Petty, TANK GIRL), and they refurbish the motel. After the grand opening, their first guest (Kerrie Keane) intends to kill herself, but she has some ghostly intervention in the guise of teens (Jason Bateman, Khrystyne Haje).

Barbara: "How could you know? You're only a kid with your whole life before you."
Alex: "Norman Bates was my friend. To the world, he was a murderer, but to me, he was my friend."
Alex: "She murdered him fifty years ago. I just saw him!"
Willie: "Somebody is goin' to a lot of trouble to frighten you."
Alex: "Who else knows how to make Meatloaf ala Bates?"
Alex: "We just opened tonight and you're our first customer."
Willie: "Boy, are you in trouble!"
Willie: "Come on, Alex, I feel like I'm on a game show!"
Alex: "I'm not nervous... I'm hysterical!"
Willie: "Alex, I'm gonna kill you!"
Barbara: "All I want right now is to finally get some peace and quiet."
Alex: "And you'll be staying with us for one evening."
Sally: "No, you're not losing your mind."
Tom: "What are they gonna do, throw me in jail for wearing a dress?"
Alex: "It's Mrs. Bates!"
Alex: "Norman left this house to me, and I'm staying!"
Mrs. Bates: "Leave my home! Leave and never come back!"
Sally: "I committed suicide 25 years ago tonight, the night of my senior prom."
Barbara: "You've been spying on me!"
Tony: "I feel so cold and alone... like I was dead."
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