Me, Myself and Cross Colors

Wearing the late 80s early 90s
June 09, 2008

Some people liked it, some people hated it and others asked the question "what were we thinking?" In the days of the late 80s early 90s, I personally loved the days of wearing cross colors. Had I not been part of the experience, I would not be the colorful artist that I am now.

This is me

Regardless of my age at the time, I may not have understood that the fashion was really loud back then, but as I got older (leading into this generation)I knew that all those colors would help define me as an adult. The late 80s early 90s had a lot of wackiness in terms of fashion and looks. Big hair, jheri curls and the fact that most of the time, a lot of people from the 80s looked as if they came out of an aerobics class wearing spandex, white sneakers and head bands all the time. Maybe we were just experimenting with different styles and different cultures. I know for a fact that the Hip hop community embraced it pretty frequently.

Back when Hip Hop was worth listening to, a lot of them embraced the tribal colors of Africa and its African culture so I "think" that's where it came from. But like I said, that's just a thought.

the ability to blend in with the entire background without even trying

During the beginning of the 90s, you'd swear we were trying to put Crayola crayons out of business.We wore more bright colors than a crayon box could handle.
We also wore colors in an improper mismatching manner.

Like this Shirt Bernie Mac was wearing on his first appearance on Def Comedy Jam in the early 90s. Luckily, your only seeing the shirt. The jeans he was wearing that night is another story.

To many people, Cross colors would be an eye sore to look at and they were probably right.

This is my Elementary school picture of 1993 in third grade. Me wearing 8 different colors and about 12 different random designs all in one shirt.

I've heard a lot of people complain about how bad people dressed during this time, but I look at it as a show of freedom of expression. We got away with a lot of stuff back then (regardless of how bad it looked.) For example:

This is a picture of me next to one of my neighbors. The pants look as if we took some chalk and drew all over them.

Yeah I know, there is no excuse for those shoes or those pants I'm wearing.

Those pants don't go with that shirt

back then, it was hard not to stand out amongst your peers back then. See if you can guess which colors stand out in this pic.

me in the late 80s. I look like I'm try to impersonate the "Predator" blending in with the plant in the background wearing an "I don't know what the hell kinda outfit that is."

The fact that you can be a guy and wear this much pink and not be labeled "gay" illustrates a good amount of acceptance.

3 year old me (1987) no comment on the shirt

Me accepting a award for spelling if I'm not mistaken...loud bright shirt, weird shorts, no comment.

Nice shirt!

Another Loud bright shirt, weird (daisy duke) shorts, no comment pic

Box top hair, normal shirt, weird pants, old school Reeboks....memories

Everybody has there say on the fashion back then, but for me personally, I enjoyed every bit of it and wouldn't mind wearing it again if I could. But until then, I'm sharing my weird fashion statement with my cartoon characters

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