All in the Family
Debut: January 01, 1971
Ended: January 01, 1979
Debut: January 01, 1971
Ended: January 01, 1979

Archie hates the Meathead, The Meathead hates Archie, Edith and Glorya try to stop them from fighting but it's no use. It's the life of All In The Family the very funny show and funniest show in the universe, they are the worlds funniest family to walk the earth! So sit right back and watch Archie, Edith, The Meathead and Glorya ( A.K.A Little Girl) bicker,fight, love and just be themselves...and watch Archie get in trouble. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!. American version of "TILL DEATH US DO PART". CARROLL O CONNOR,STARS (SHOWN ON BBC) FOLLOWED BY A SPINOFF" ARCHIE BUNKERS PLACE" (CHANNEL 4 )

Archie Bunker: "Shut up, Meathead! -Archie Bunker"
Archie: "Shush up, you! -Archie"
Archie Bunker: "*blows raspberry* -Archie Bunker"
Archie Bunker: "Stifle! -Archie Bunker"
Archie: "Get away from me! -Archie"
Archie and Swinger: "Archie: Ohhh, swinging, is that what you's calls it?" Swinger Man: "Yeah, what do you call it?" Archie: "Communism!" -Archie and Swinger"
Archie: "Edith, don't you read no more of those magazines! -Archie"
Archie and Mike: "Archie: "If God had meant for white people to dance with colored people-- Mike: "He'd a given us rhythm too." -Archie and Mike"
Archie Bunker: "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! -Archie Bunker"
Archie: ""YOU, GET OUT OF MY CHAIR'!!!!! -Archie"
Edith: "(Running to the front door) ARHCIE YOURE HOME!!!!! -Edith"
Archie: "Dog's off the table!"
Archie: "Hey Edith get me a beer huh"
Archie: "You are a Meathead"
Archie: "On no the Dingbat is trying to sing"
Archie: "I am not eatting food with Chink Pick up sticks"
Archie: "Shut up you"
Edith: "Stifle Stifle Stifle"
Archie: "Hey Meathead why are you always eating my food?"
Archie: "Little Goyle"
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