Excel Saga
Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 2000

Crazy anime about a pair of girls working for a secret organiztion bent on world conquest by taking over one city at a time. High spirited and Joyfully Idiotic Excel and Soft Spoken, and easily Prone-to-death Hyatt work for the Idealogical organization ACCROSS under the control of Lord Ilpalazzo. the duo try many things to take over the City of F-city, F-Prefecture, but their plans always lead to failure. Anothre part of the show Tells the story of Pedro, an Immigrant who dies in the first episode and tries to get back to life.

YouTube Videos
Excel: "Hail, Ilpallazzo! -Excel"
Pedro: "NOOOOOOOOOOO! -Pedro"
Kozo: "Sorry babe, but big boobs and pubic hair really turns me off. -Kozo"
Excel: "How dare you live in a house with a roof you user of ink! -Excel"
Matsuya: "I don't care for the way you used my full name, along with the words "see" and "naked". -Matsuya"
Hyatt: "It appears bowling is a far more radical sport than I realized... Interesting! -Hyatt"
Excel: "I only looked away for thirty seconds to a minute and a half and my bike was absconded with! -Excel"
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