Hong Kong Phooey
Debut: January 01, 1974
Ended: January 01, 1976

Hong Kong Phooey #1 Super Guy! In the 1970’s a Kung Fu craze was sweeping the nation and Hong Kong Phooey was Hanna-Barbera’s contribution to it. Hong Kong Phooey was a mild-mannered janitor named Penrod Pooch that worked in a police station with sergeant Flint and Rosemary the telephone operator. Hong Kong would literally jump at the call for help and emerge from a filing cabinet in full crime fighting gear. Phooey would get to the crime scene in the Phooeymobile, an ever-adapting car that could change into a boat, a plane, a telephone booth or whatever it needed to be. Hong Kong would solve the crime and capture the bad guy thanks to his striped sidekick spot the cat. The show remained on air for only 16 episodes.

Henry: "Hey! What if I just let 'em steal me, too! -Henry"
Rosemary: "Yes? OH NO! Yes? OH NO! Yes? OH NO! Yes? OH NO! -Rosemary"
Sarge: "HENRY!!! -Sarge"
Rosemary: "Hello? Hello? This is your cuddly(???) crime fighter Rosemary. -Rosemary"
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