Bob the Builder
Debut: April 12, 1999
Ended: December 31, 2011
Debut: April 12, 1999
Ended: December 31, 2011

Bob the Builder is a British children's animated television show created by Keith Chapman. In the original series Bob appears as a building contractor specializing in masonry in a stop motion animated programme with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised work-vehicles and equipment (all made of clay). The show is broadcast in many countries, but originates from the United Kingdom where Bob is voiced by English actor Neil Morrissey. The show was later created using CGI animation starting with the spin-off series Ready, Steady, Build!. The series was cancelled in 2012 and was rebooted in 2015. In each episode, Bob and his group help with renovations, construction, and repairs and with other projects as needed. The show emphasizes conflict resolution, co-operation, socialization and various learning skills. Bob's catchphrase is "Can we fix it?" or "Can we build it?", to which the other characters respond with "Yes we can!" This phrase is also the title of the show's theme song, which was a million-selling number one hit in the UK.

Dizzy: "Brilliant!"
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Lofty: "Er, yes I think so."
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Scoop: "Can we fix it?"
The Team: "Yes we can!"
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Bob and his truck friends: "Can we build it? YES WE CAN! -Bob and his truck friends"
Kids: "Yes we can. -Kids"
Theme song singer dude: "Bob the Builder. -Theme song singer dude"
Bob: "Can We Fix It? -Bob"
Scoop: "Can we build it?"
Team: "Yes we can!"
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