Jem and the Holograms
Debut: January 01, 1985
Ended: January 01, 1988
Debut: January 01, 1985
Ended: January 01, 1988

The show centers on Jem who is an upcoming rock star with her band The Holograms. Jem is also the alias of Jerrica Benton, the daughter of a music executive who after his death, should rightfully be in charge of the company Starlight music. Jem/Jerrica's rival is the sneaky and evil Eric Raymond who is trying to control stalight music and get Jerrica out of the picture. Eric creates a band called the Misfits who are supposedly rebellious rockers. With the help of a secret computer/hologram machine named synergy created by Jerrica's father, Jerrica and her sister Kimber and their friends create Jem and the holograms to compete in popularity at the same music label. Of course, no one but the girls are in on all of this. Also in play is a never-resolved love story of Jerrica and her boyfriend Rio who just happens to be with Jem at the same time, but has no idea its the same girl. Jerrica has the ability to transform to Jem and back again through her magic earrings. Throughout the show the girls encounter many a sabotage plan, heartbreak and of course impossible dangers followed by even more impossible rescues. But it still remains one of the best 80's cartoons ever!

Jem/Jerrica: "Show time, Synergy -Jem/Jerrica"
Aja: "Hey I'm crazy but I'm not that Crazy -Aja"
Eric Raymond: "Eric: [frightened] You let Pizzazz loose... WITH A LASER? -Eric Raymond"
Clash: "Wow. Even at five in the morning she looks amazing. -Clash"
Eric: "Eric: Pizzaz! Wait! Don't slam the... [Pizzaz slams the door .]Door. -Eric"
Jetta: ""Here Roxie, have some of me mash potatoes!" Said in a British accent -Jetta"
Kimber: "Someone is using these to hurt the people i love -Kimber"
Riot: "Jerrica, I just kissed you."
Jerrica: "Really? I didn't notice."
Riot: "Well, I did. But, for some reason, your lips felt a little hotter than usual."
Jerrica: "That's because you didn't kiss ME. You kissed JEM."
Riot: "Oh. Well, if you see Jem, tell her that I absolutely adore her singing and would love to purchase a record one day."
Jerrica: "(Winks) That shouldn't be a problem, Riot."
Kimber: "Jerrica wake up we have to go to the theater"
Jerrica: "I was dreaming about the beast, I'm so tired"
Kimber: "Hey we're all tired we haven't gotten 3hrs sleep since we got here"
Pizzazz: "Daddy...with Kimber? *screams and storms over*"
Kimber: "Uh-oh, there's Pizzazz. Mr. Gabor, why don't you try to talk to her instead of assuming it's hopeless?"
Shana: "Though it probably is."
Mr. Gabor: "Pizzazz--"
Pizzazz: "I don't *believe* this! You, my own father, turning against me! You don't have time for *me* on Father's Day, but her, that wuss?! *screams and lunges at Kimber, only to be held back by her father* Just what do you think you're doing, consorting with the enemy?!"
Mr Gabor: "I don't have to justify myself to you!"
Pizzazz: "Then don't! DON'T!! *storms off*"
Mr. Gabor: "Oh, you're impossible! I give up! *bows his head and is comforted by Shana*"
Clash: "I've got an idea."
Pizzazz: "I'm listening..."
Clash: "Why don't we all go to Mulberry?"
Pizzazz: "Mulberry, huh? It sounds like a new soda for wimps!"
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