Debut: September 19, 1992
Ended: December 10, 1996

An American Gladiators type show for kids that aired on Nickelodeon. It was hosted by Mike O' Malley. In the game, three children or teens represented by blue, red, and purple compete in various sporting events. Some events made use of wired harnesses while others used a wave pool or racing track. The scores in each event are 300 points for first place, 200 for second, and 100 for third. The final event of each episode is the Aggro Crag, which was later re-named the Mega Crag and the Super Aggro Crag. In between events, contestants would "spill their GUTS" and introduce themselves.

Mike: "They've come from all over the world with one goal, a piece of our radical rock. But one question still remains, DO YOU HAVE IT? (Global Guts Opening Spiel)"
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Mike: "Welcome back to GUTS, the action sports show that asks, "DO YOU HAVE IT?""
Audience: "GUTS!"
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Mike: "Hello, everyone. I'm Mike O'Malley, and welcome to the Extreme Arena, home of Nickelodeon GUTS, the action sports show where kids live their greatest sports fantasies! Today, once again, our players will be battling their way through four outrageous events, and after that, they'll get a chance to climb our radical rock, the Aggro Crag, where almost anything can happen! The player with the most points at the end of all of our events is the winner and he/she gets take home a piece of our radical r"
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Mo: ""On your mark, get set, (whistle)!""
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Mike: ""No ifs, ands, or buts, these kids got GUTS. Do you have it?""
Audience: "GUTS!"
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Mike O'Malley: "Let's go to the Leaderboard...Mo! -Mike O'Malley"
Mike O'Malley: "Do you have it? -Mike O'Malley"
Mike "Superman" Schmidt: "'Oh it felt great' when Mo the ref grabs his ass."
Mike: "Players begin in Boulder Canyon, where blistering blasts of venomous vapors erupt from the canyon floor. Then it's up through Switchback Bend, full of volcanic boulders, ready to explode at the slightest touch. Lurking ahead, Avalanche Ledge, with ultra-sharp spires and rumbling rocks that are ready to roll. From there, it's a hard solo up the Ice Wall, straight through the falling sheet of snow, protecting the crag peak. And all the while, our players will be facing the sound, the fury, of a mo"
Mo: "Players will start at the sound of my whistle. Each player has an identical side of the mountain to climb and may not cross into another player's path. Now, during their climb, our players must light up each of 8 targets, located on their side of the crag. The first player to light up all of their targets, including the final one at the peak of the mountain, will receive first place points. Mike?"
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