Teen Angel
Debut: December 15, 1997
Ended: December 15, 1998

A teen, Marty DePolo, eats a bad burger, dies, and goes to heaven. There he meets God's cousin, Rod (later known as the Head), who becomes his boss and makes him a gurdian angel for his best friend, Steve, still on earth.

Katie: "I lost in the semi-finals. I spelled 'relief' 'R-O-L-A-I-D-S.'"
Marty DePolo: "This looks like a job for... TEEN ANGEL!"
Marty: "Today's game is brought to you by Beauchamp Cereal, the breakfast of Beau-champions!"
Marty: "Hey, I'll try anything once... that prob'ly explains why I'm dead at 15."
Marty: "Remember me as I was -- the most beautiful boy in the world!"
Marty: "Obviously, I can't reverse my spell... which suggests it's a very powerful spell, so kudos to me!"
Pam: "You missed my whole three years as a regular on Baywatch."
Casey: "You're yankin' my chain... Pop, can I say 'yankin my chain' in front of the kids?"
Casey: "And you're not on anything? I mean, I don't have to show you the thing with the frying pan and the egg?"
Marty: "Can't an angel bake cookies for his giant, floating head without arousing suspicion?"
Steve: "I'm aging by the minute, my back is killing me and I hate the way kids dress today."
Steve: "I used to dread old age, back when I was in my 40's... about an hour ago."
Marty: "Do you like Yasmine Bleethe?"
Grampa: "Yeah, of course. I love havin' teeth!"
Steve: "Who's Andy & Opie?"
Casey: "Uh, Matlock and the bald guy who directed Apollo 13."
Pam: "In other words, don't do anything that I would do."
Jordan: "I knew a dude... who ate some food... that was rude. I knew a dude. Copyright Jordan Lubell."
Abe Lincoln: "Well, if a mule backed into a cactus, it'd make a sweeter sound."
Steve: "And now, without further a-dude..."
Marty: "I can see it all now! Teen Angel the motion picture, starring Brad Pitt as Marty and Carrot Top as his friend, Steve!"
Marty: "Supervision? That's a great idea! Could I also have super-strength?"
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