Fireman Sam
Debut: November 17, 1987
Debut: November 17, 1987

Fireman Sam is a stop-motion animation/computer animation about a fireman named Sam and his friends who put out fires and solved a multitude of other problems in the small Welsh town of Pontypandy.

YouTube Videos
Fireman Sam: "Great fire of London."
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Fireman Sam: "All present and correct sir!"
Station Officer Steele: "Right, let's go!"
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Norman Price: "Mega brill!! -Norman Price"
Fireman sam: "Great fires of london -Fireman sam"
Sation offcer steel: "After 2, (Evis, blows a tube tune) Crlidington, I haven't said 1 yet! -Sation offcer steel"
Evis cridglinton: "Tevor, you will miss the match -Evis cridglinton"
Bella: "What do you think Rosa?..... Where have you gone to now puss? -Bella"
Dillys: "What till I catch you ,Norman price....What an awful mess at all over the shop..You come back this minute Norman. -Dillys"
sharah and James: "Uncle Sam! -sharah and James"
Norman price: "Awww mum! -Norman price"
Station officer Steele: "Retiredment? But I'm in my prime! -Station officer Steele"
Fireman sam: "Action stations -Fireman sam"
Norman: "(Coughs heavliy) Oh.. a little pitfall won't put off Norman price I'll find a way out... somehow....(Coughs) -Norman"
Fireman sam: "Well I'm glad to see he hasn't lost his sense of humor, dillys -Fireman sam"
Dilys: "I've give him sence of humor when I catch him! -Dilys"
Trevor: "awww dratto -Trevor"
Fireman sam: "Now, don't you worry Norman, we will soon have you out of here safely...You put this on, now my boy you've be fine in no time..... -Fireman sam"
Bella lasagne: "Mamma mia!"
Penny: "Practise makes perfect, Shall we try again sir? -Penny"
Station Officer Steele: "Now who needs the fire service?"
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