Debut: October 07, 1996
Ended: February 21, 2022
Debut: October 07, 1996
Ended: February 21, 2022

Developed from Marc Brown's beloved books, Arthur reminds us all of how it feels to be 8 years old. Just like your average kid, he overcomes the dreaded obstacles of third-grade life, such as his tough teacher, Mr. Ratburn, bullies, and mountains of homework. At home, everything between him and his little sister, Dora Winifred or D. W. for short. is a struggle: who gets control of the television remote, who can play their Crazy Bus CD, and whose hobbies are dumber? Will Arthur ever win one of these pointless arguments? Probably never, because not only is D. W. fiercely independent, she's also very smart. But despite it all, they are still brother and sister, and when they're not arguing, they can accomplish great things together. His helpful friends - an assortment of colorful animal cohorts always provide sound advice and a few laughs too. They are Francine Frensky (a tomboy who would rather play sports than go to the mall), Buster Baxter (an enthusiastic gourmand), Alan "The Brain" Powers (a bona-fide third grade genius who even writes computer programs in his spare time), Muffy Crosswire (the rich girl with a real heart of gold), and Sue Ellen Armstrong (a traveler of the world and geography expert). Arthur can also sometimes be seen with Fern Walters (a soft-spoken musician with semi-hidden goth interests), Binky Barnes (acts like a bully, but enjoys pastimes such as ballet and clarinet), George Lundgren (a somewhat shy boy who be truly entertaining when he tries), Prunella Deegan (who was supposed psychic powers and is actually in the fourth grade), and Jenna Morgan (a rarely seen girl). And of course, who could forget Pal, Arthur's lovable, loyal pet dog?

Binky: "Can't breathe! Tell the nurse! I think I have plasma!"
Buster: "Don't you mean "asthma", Binky?"
Binky: "Stupid word. Too many consonants all smushed together..."
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Arthur: "Boy, Ratburn's tough! He gave us homework on the first day."
Buster: "Get with it, Arthur. We're not dealing with a human being here. This is serious!"
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Arthur: "Is Pal feeling better?"
The Vet: "Well, He is still quite queasy. He ate a lot of things that a dog shouldn't eat. What did he eat yesterday?"
Arthur: "Pancakes, Halloween Candy, Then he swallowed a hot dog with mustard."
The Vet: "(Gives Arthur lecture book) Here read this. It's about what dogs should eat to stay healthy."
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Ratburn: "Shall I repeat the question Sue Ellen?"
Sue Ellen: "Red! The answer is red!"
Ratburn: "No. 12 times 12 is not "red", It's 128. However, if I had asked what color your cheeks are turning, "red" would have been the correct answer."
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Arthur: "Is the show over?"
D.W.: "Nope, intermission. Rapunzel fell out of the castle and broke her neck! This is much more exciting than the version mom told me."
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Binky: "Brain, do you think it will be cold this summer?"
Brain: "No, why?"
Binky: "Because my dad said he'd buy me a computer when it snows in July."
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Francine: "It's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring.(dad snoring)and it's driving me nuts!"
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Francine: "Has anyone seen my penicillin-I mean, pencil and pen?"
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Binky: "I want to found a new club with no dumb hitting or stuff. And if anybody breaks that rule, I'll clobber them!"
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D.W.: "How do you get square balloons?"
Saleswoman: "Blow square breaths."
D.W.: "Oh...."
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D.W.: "Mom, Dad! The bathroom's on fire!"
Arthur: "That's steam! I'm taking a shower!"
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D.W.: "(a building is exploded)She did it!(points to Kate)"
Mom: "A demolition team did it, D.W."
D.W.: "Right. That what I meant.(snaps fingers)"
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Talking radio: "You're not in the story, and you're doing my lines! I warn Jack to run away but not until he hears "Fe Fi Fo"--you know the drill!"
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David Read: "[Arthur chases DW around the kitchen table while Pal barks and Kate cries.] Alright everybody FREEZE!! -David Read"
Ratburn: "Arthur, I just stopped by to give you this spring's reading list. Oh, are you having cake? -Ratburn"
Binky: "[reciting his poem] People think I can't write a poem, but they are so wrong, I can write a poem. I wrote this one, I wrote this poem, and I gave it the title Binky's poem. So shut up! The end! -Binky"
D.W.: "[singing] The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the Brussels sprout. -D.W."
D.W. Reed: "Oh everyone thinks that my brother stinks, like a piece of stinky cheese. But me, I say, that he's ok, as long as there's a breeze. -D.W. Reed"
Binky: "Binky: I founded this club and now I'm un-founding it. -Binky"
Arthur: "A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K!"
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