Monster in my Pocket
Debut: December 15, 1992
Ended: December 15, 1993

Evil monsters led by drackula are chased by good monsters across the world. Both sides are shrunk to bug size and end up in LA. The good monsters make friends with a young girl who helps them fight the evil monsters and takes them were they want to go in her pocket. The show is called "monster in my pocket", yet the title of some prints say "monster in her pocket" 6 episodes were made but only one aired. Episode 2 "the big scream" was released on video with a free toy. The six episodes were-- 1. The big shrink 2. The big scream 3. Journey to the center of carrie 4. The monster hunter 5. The dreamstone 6. Bigbrain

Frank: "we Shrunk! -Frank"
Invisible Man: "We must get back to our right sizes! -Invisible Man"
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