Danger 5
Debut: February 27, 2012
Ended: February 15, 2015
Debut: February 27, 2012
Ended: February 15, 2015

Danger 5 is an Australian action comedy television series which premiered on SBS One on 27 February 2012. It is set in a bizarre, campy, 1960s interpretation of World War II and follows a group of five international spies on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler and thwart his plans of world domination. The men's adventure pulp magazine-inspired series was created by Dario Russo and David Ashby. On 11 September 2014, the Danger 5 crew announced that series 2 had been delayed due to unforeseen international news events and the recent ISIS actions. They also released the series two trailer on the same day. The second series eventually began airing on SBS 2 on 4 January 2015, and is set in the 1980s.

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Pierre: "Good lord, they're Italians. [looking at a right rear-vision mirror behind them] They're definitely Italians!"
Ilsa: "How can you tell?"
Pierre: "Well, they're all immaculately dressed and the driver keeps looking at his hair in the rear-vision mirror."
Italian mob #1: "Give me the diamonds!"
Jackson: "[to Italian mobs] Go to hell, Mario! [they pulled over]"
Italian mob #2: "You can't drive me! This is a Mazzerucci Roadsterelli!"
Jackson: "[warns the Italian mob to look straight towards the dead end cliff]"
Italian mobs: "[Last word before their death] Ciaoooooooooooooo! [falls off the cliff and the car explodes]"
Pierre: "Italian cars, acceleration grip breaking not so good! [they all laugh happily]"
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