Life with Louie
Debut: December 18, 1995
Ended: March 02, 1998

The show follows the younger days of comic Louie Anderson. The show was aired on Fox and won several children television awards. The plot is centered around Louie's relationship with his dad, younger brother and the kids at school.

Louie: "ALRIGHT!"
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Dad Louie: "Dad:Hey, this is my lawn! Who rakes it? Who mows it? Louie: *I* do. Dad: Who asked you?"
Dad : "Hey Grunewald, ever hear of a doorbell?"
Grunewald: "I don't wanna wake everybody up."
Dad: "[doorbell rings] If that's another one of them salesman, I'm gonna..."
Mom: "You're gonna what? "
Dad: "Uh... Invite them in for dessert."
Louie Anderson: "[narrating] The Anderson name has been dragged through the mud, and I was just the man to hose it off."
Dad: "That's right, I want that apology in writing. In triplicate. Got it? No wait a minute, make it three copies."
Mrs. Stillman: "Mrs. Stillman: [Insulted] Well, I'll come back later Louie when you're not so *crowded*."
Dad: "Computers. Ha ha. There's a real growth industry. A passing fad if I ever heard one."
Louie: "I'm supposed to be your caddy *and* carry your clubs?"
Motorist Dad: "Motorist: Yo, I'll give you $50 for it. Dad: How'd you like to eat this house? Rafter by rafter, nail by nail, limb from limb!"
Dad: "My boy is as American as those French fries you're eating."
Dad: "Louie! Check the Santa. Make sure it's grounded!"
Louie: "Make sure you're grounded!"
Dad: "I heard that!"
Dad: "[Listening to radio] Aw good it's a fishing show. Ah! It's a Christmas show disguised as a fishing show. Wouldn't you know it there's a Santa on the boat. "
Louie: "[sarcastically] Now there's Christmas spirit."
Dad: "I heard that!"
Dad: "Dad: Hey Louie! It's a scheduled holiday, kid! It's Paint the Garage Day!"
Louie: "[about the Christmas tree] Dad! It's crooked!"
Dad: "Put it by the TV. No one will notice. For 35 bucks that tree should dance!"
Louie: "To Lou, best friends forever "Big G". Big G? "
Glen Glen: "Yep! That's me Big G, you can be little G if you like."
Glen Glen: "What are you a peeping LOU?!"
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