Slam Dunk
Debut: January 01, 1993
Ended: January 01, 1996

Hanamichi's reputation in high school is either as a delinquent or as a loser.He spends most of his time either getting into trouble,or getting regected by his most recent infatuation.When he falls in love with Haruko,things begin to change.He joins the basketball team just to impress her,but soon finds that he has a natural aptitude for the sport.Finally having found something he is good at,Hanamichi would like to share it with Haruko,but she is busy with her crush on Rukawa,Hanamichi's team rival who barely knows she exists.Now,Hanamichi's temper is bieng tested more than ever,and he finds himself poised either to soar or to let his old habits drag him back down again

Hanamichi: "I'm Hanamichi the basketball genius"
Hanamichi: "He who controls the rebound controls the game"
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