Hey Dude
Debut: July 14, 1989
Ended: August 30, 1991
Debut: July 14, 1989
Ended: August 30, 1991

The antics of a colorful group working at the Bar None, a dude ranch. It is owned by Mr. Ernst, a sometimes-too-enthusiastic, but well meaning boss. The staff includes the sweet lifeguard Melody, , the rich horse instructor Brad, Native American Danny of Hopi descent, the good-looking but always into trouble Ted, and Mr. Ernst's young son Buddy. There's also a wise ranchhand named Lucy and later the group expands to include Jake, Mr. Ernst's nephew, and Kyle.

YouTube Videos
Ted: "I'm breaking in my pants."
Announcer: "Yippi-ti-yi-WHAT?"
Announcer: "Better watch out for those man eating jackrabbits and that killer cacti."
Ted: "Oh what is it. Do I smell,do I have bad breath?"
Danny: "What are the stakes?"
Brad: "I like my steaks medium rare."
Brad: "Leg cramp!"
Ted: "Arm spasm!"
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