Sweet Valley High
Debut: January 01, 1994
Ended: January 01, 1998

Based on the hit book series created by Francine Pascal, the show follows the lives of popular high school students, identical twins, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their best friends, Lila Fowler, Enid Rollins and Todd Wilkins. The show stars identical twins Brittany and Cynthia Daniel as the infamous Wakefield twins.

Jessica and Elizabeth: "Jessica: MY little sister is all grown up! Elizabeth: Jess, I was born four minutes before you. -Jessica and Elizabeth"
Jessica: "Teacher: I'm going to let you take a make-up test Jessica: Perfect! I love makeup!! -Jessica"
Jessica: "Jessica: The only reason it was a good kiss was because I'm a good kisser! -Jessica"
Teacher Jessica: "I'm going to let you take a make-up test.' 'Perfect! I know all about makeup. -Teacher Jessica"
Jessica: "Please! Like anybody reads in the library! -Jessica"
Todd: "I saw my life pass before my eyes. It was a very short movie, and you were in every scene. -Todd"
Elizabeth Jessica: "E: I found a couple of Todd's love letters. J: Ew! -Elizabeth Jessica"
Jessica Elizabeth: "Jessica: You know, it's hard to think of Enid without thinking of Danny. Elizabeth: Manny! Jessica: Whatever! -Jessica Elizabeth"
Jessica Lila: "I'm glad Bruce didn't ask for his keys back from when I worked here' 'Yeah. Now instead of breaking and entering, we're just entering. -Jessica Lila"
Jessica: "Not ready to date? That's like, not being ready to breathe. Are you sure we're related? -Jessica"
Elizabeth Todd: "Todd, what are you doing here?' 'I was just in the neighborhood jogging and--' 'Isn't that your car in the driveway?' 'Oh, so that's where I left it! -Elizabeth Todd"
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