Noah's Island
Debut: September 29, 1997
Ended: December 21, 1999

Noah is a Polar Bear with a dream, to turn his floating Island into a Haven and a Home for Endangered animals all over the World as he and his Friends travel all over the Paraific Ocean gathering more Animals and finding the safe Heaven, Diamantina.

Sasha: "Osksey poskey!"
Noah: "Now look here you big uppity Ape! This my island...and If I say we are going to live together in piece and harmony...that is precisely what we've going to do! Got it?! Grrrrr.....!"
Nab: "Pomb, pomb, piddle pom, pomb, pomb"
Woameria: "Strurp mate!"
Noah: "Now see what you done guardie, who's is going to run the fireball properly huh?"
Camel: "Up aborad, ladies and gents, oh we will be buried alive."
Sparky: "(Mute) waves hands"
Rocko: "I'm Rocko, and I must say ,that I am not one for Bears!"
Nab: "I haven't a clue, I could do with a banana, right now!"
Noah: "Hummm, It seems Saloamy will die if she goes to Diamantina and yet you where only trying to save her, so I'm not going to punish you.....But never, ever, do anything like that again, without asking me! Don't even Sneeze, got it?!"
Noah: "Oh dearly be, oh deary be"
Problem wralus: "A female grollia! It's a female grollia in there!"
Rocko: "I hate to say this, for the first time in my life, but your wrong Noah! we must go back!"
Guardie: "Call me that once more bonny lad and your regrade it!"
Guardie: "I'm gaurdie goosberry, if that's what you mean."
Nab: "You mean....Oh you wee, beastly, giant Bafoon! Help Rinosous, Do something!"
Rinousaerous: "Err..Pomb pomb piddle?"
Noah: "Mammoth's body! Your making less sense then usual!"
Noah: "What kind of Monkey business Is this?"
Nab: "He said there's a whirlpool at the port side and that sasha has just gone down it!"
Sasha: "Excuse Me, Could you save an endangered rodent?"
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