The Big O
Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 2003

Roger Smith acts as a negotiator in a city where everyone has lost their memories and decide to keep it that way. When he isn't helping hostage situations, he's averting major disasters in a giant robot known as Big O. Although Roger has no idea why the "megadeus" (Big O) responds to his commands or why his butler seems to be a master at fixing the high tech machine, he starts to question the forgotten past after the events started by an unsual case involving an android called R Dorothy. While he and Dorothy begin a Henry Higgins/Eliza Dolittle style of friendship, villains and mysterious characters enter with clues leading up to something that may bring out an emotion Roger has tried to fight all of his known life - fear.

Roger: "Big O Its Showtime! -Roger"
Big O: "Cast In The Name of God Ye Not Guilty -Big O"
Dorothy: "You're such a louse, Roger Smith."
Roger: "Funny, I'm used to human women saying that."
Roger Smith: "Big O!! In Action!! -Roger Smith"
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