Debut: January 01, 1988
Ended: January 01, 1997

The story of an average family and their daily struggles. It is at the end revealed that the entire series is actualy her writing a novel in the writing room that Dan built for her, and that Dan actualy died when he had the heart attack. Its also revealed that she never won the lottery. The theme song by Blues Traveler is slowly played as she walks to the couch, and as she just sits down you can hear the sound of the children and dan in the background. Revealing Detail: If you look at her and the set it is obvious that this scene was recorded either before the second season, or right after the pilot incase it floped.... Theme song in the last season sung and performed by Blues Traveler. 21 years after the series wrapped production, a nine episode revival aired on ABC in spring 2018. That was followed by an aftershow called "The Conners" which eliminated Roseanne.

YouTube Videos
Roseanne: "(Dan blows roseanne a kiss) Gee Dan that was almost a kiss. -Roseanne"
d.j. and darlene: "Hey D.j. wanna know why i swaer? Ya why? SHUT THE HELL UP! -d.j. and darlene"
Roseanne: "Something is up, let's look for clue. David is pale and shaky so there is no clues there. But Darlene wants to sit next to me and complimented her brother hmm let me guess. Your pregnant! (silance) THAT WAS MY JOKE! -Roseanne"
Roseanne and Darlene: "You guys don't think we get your corny little sex jokes. You kids are our corny little sex jokes. -Roseanne and Darlene"
Roseanne: "Now that im rich I don't have time to run other people's lifes. -Roseanne"
Roseanne: "If I ever get off this sofa I will be unstoppable. -Roseanne"
Roseanne: "God if you and me ever team up, wow! -Roseanne"
Becky: "Aunt Jackie took her seditives. I tried giving them to DJ but he wouldn't take them. -Becky"
Darleen Conner: "Yes this is Mrs. Conner. Oh D.J.'s been very sick and hasn't been able to make it. -Darleen Conner"
Darleen Conner: "Oh, I think I found my lost hamster. -Darleen Conner"
Dan: "*heading for the frige* Grape grape grape grape grape! Grape grape grape grape grape! *get to the frige and gets a popicle* Orange orange orange orange orange! Orange orange orange orange orange! -Dan"
Roseanne and Becky: "Becky: Cindy Clark's mom lets her stay home alone! Roseanne: YEAH WELL CINDY CLARK'S MOM IS A DRUNKEN SLUT! -Roseanne and Becky"
Darlene: "(to David) I can make you feel like a man... Take out the trash. -Darlene"
Roseanne: ""Welcome to Rosannadu" (to David after deciding to let him move in...Dan & Roseanne had just explained the rules of the house & that the rules could change at any time even for their amusement) -Roseanne"
Dan: "Oh its a proud proud dayyyy -Dan"
Roseanne and Darlene: ""Hawks generally don't pass out on the couch after eating a quart of ice cream" - Darlene's response to Roseanne after Roseanne has been "watching her like a hawk" -Roseanne and Darlene"
Roseanne: "no matter what we do we're gonna screw our kids up! Let me have Darlene and you can have Becky."
Dan: "what about D.J?"
Roseanne: "we'll flip for it"
Darlene: "do you think boobs will effect my pitching?"
Roseanne: "not this season."
Jackie: "(Roseanne showing Jackie her witch's costume for halloween) Looks great, where'd you get the hat?"
Roseanne: "My mother in-law."
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