The Puppy's New adventures
Debut: December 15, 1982
Ended: December 15, 1984
Debut: December 15, 1982
Ended: December 15, 1984

The Cartoon starts when Petey and his girlfriend Dolly get seperated and stranded during a sudden thunderstorm while on thier way accross sea. They meet three stray male dogs who stowaway on the curise for adventure seeking. Promising the puppys that they will find their owners, no matter what threat they will face. They embark on a long and adventurous Journey accross the globe to locate Tommy and his famliy and reunite Petey and Dolly with them incounting adventures and obsticles while making friends along the way towards a final showdown where Petey fights to a band a gangsters to the end to reunite with his boy Tommy and adopting Duke, Dash and Lucky into the big famliy.

Duke: "Nice going Kid! -Duke"
Lucky: "Thanks parthers -Lucky"
Tommy's Mother: "It's Petey and the dogs! -Tommy's Mother"
Petey: "I'm coming Dolly! -Petey"
Duke: "So! You wanna get personal huh? -Duke"
Dash: "Do you mean to tell me we are walking on scrared ground? Then we'll curise, we'' curiseed I tell ya -Dash"
Lucky: "Keep it down partner, or you will be getting a doctor! -Lucky"
Petey: "You did it, duke you did it! -Petey"
Tommy: "Hey Mom, Dad it's Petey! -Tommy"
Colleen: "I'm Collleen I'm an orpehan, But someday I'm going to be a famous ballerina....Oh this must seem strange to you, (Showing her crutche leg to the Dogs) It's only a Blimp My friend Brois is going to pay for an operation. -Colleen"
Petey: "Glyder, You can Fly, you can Fly, You can Fly -Petey"
Dash: "what Me? Oh no, No I can't jump that high, My ears will Pop now! -Dash"
Petey: "If I can just pull this lever to slow down -Petey"
Dolly: "I feel safe with You Petey -Dolly"
Lucky: "That door's more toughter then a bright texas Sun -Lucky"
Dolly: "That's terrible -Dolly"
Dash: "Hurry, Hurry guys, faster or we'll going to end up as the main course -Dash"
Duke: "He ain't taking her anywhere! -Duke"
Duke: "Run petey! -Duke"
Duke: "Shake a leg for it gang ,the pups are in trouble! -Duke"
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