Debut: January 01, 1964
Ended: January 01, 1972

Samantha and Darren are madly in love with each other and marry. Samantha reveals during the honeymoon that she's a witch. Darren is all right with that, but his meddling mother-in-law, who wanted Samantha to marry a warlock, isn't. The classic show revolves around Samantha masquerading as a mortal, trying to hide her magic from her nosy neighbors and fending off her mother.

Samantha and the Elf: "Samantha: Is Mr. Claus busy? Elf: Well, of course he's busy, what do you think this is the 4th of July? -Samantha and the Elf"
Endora: "We must tell Darwin. Let's go in and watch him fall on the floor in an emotional heap! -Endora"
Samantha: "If Mother wanted to ruin the party, it would be raining in the living room. -Samantha"
Darrin: "My Feet are killing me."
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