Power Possessing TV Characters

A short list of some of my favorite power possessing television characters
September 08, 2008
As a younger child (and maybe even as an adult) I would watch various TV shows and crave to do the things they did. And what do I mean by this, you ask? Well, you know, the abnormal powers and abilities that some of these characters would posses. I do not necessarily mean the super hero powers but some along the lines of. The following is a list of a few of the shows that I watched and that would cause the younger me to patiently wait for my powers to arrive.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch- Sabrina Spellman

Even though she was a female, my younger self envied the powers of Sabrina. I couldnt wait for my 16th birthday for the hopes that I would be gaining my powers as well. Unfortunately, all my finger flicking was good for was to communicate two words to express my hatred for others. She had the powers to do anything that her heart desired. It would just sometimes seem as if her heart was quite boring though. It used to anger me sometimes to watch the show because I felt as if she would never take advantage of those powers. I could think of millions of things to do that I never saw appear on the show. I believe that she could have possibly been the end to all of the troubles inthe world. World hunger would be no more. World peace could have been achieved. Gas prices? Ha! Not a problem for anybody. All of this could have been accomplished with just a flick of the finger. This is one reason why I felt she had the upper hand on Samantha from Bewitched. Finger flicking is much simpler than the twitching of a nose. One downside of her powers was that she always had to follow some type of off-the-wall rule. In my eyes, that was just a small price to pay for her powers though.

Captain Planet-The Planeteers

EARTH! FIRE! WIND! WATER! HEART! I wanted them all. Well, I could have done without the heart but I still probably could have used it every now and then. I guess the only way I could have possessed all of them is by actually being Captain Planet but I dont think green hair would have looked that good with my complexion. I did crave the water ring more than anything so that on hot days when a beverage was not available I would know that a nice splash of water was just a ring squirt away. Overall, the show was quite boring. When I was younger I just never saw the true evilness in pollution and oil spills. I did want one of those rings though. I can remember owning a ring as a kid and pointing it out like a true Planteer. I would call out each element with hopes that the ring possessed at least one of them.

Early Edition-Gary Hobson

Ok, you might say that he did not posses an actual super power but in my eyes receiving tomorrows newspaper can give you power to a certain extent. Saying that Gary didnt have a power would be just like saying that the Planateers didnt have powers as well. Why would I say that? Well, the Planteers got their powers from a ring and Gary got his from a newspaper. It just all depends on how you look at it. I saw it as a safe way of looking into the future. Most shows that predict the future are clear and unsure but Early Edition smoothed out those rough edges of seeing into the future. It would contain location, time and other information that would be vital to saving a life or gaining benefits. Just like all the other power possessing people though, Gary usually wouldnt take advantage of his powers. I am quite sure that I wouldve used those Lotto numbers at least once to be able to move out from above a bar that I worked at. I can remember one episode though where his friend, Chuck, used the paper for the horse races. I forgot how that turned out. Im sure it wasnt bad enough to where I wouldnt have tried it again though.

The Secret World of Alex Mack-Alex Mack

I liked the idea of the powers that Alex had. It seems as if they would all be quite handy in everyday situations. She had the power of telekinesis, electrical charge and my favorite, morphing into that metallic liquid. I cant count the number of times when I was younger that I would close my eyes and focus myself to morph. I just don't know how sanitary that wouldve been though. Dirtying myself would just be a small price to pay for escaping an awkward situation in a cool metallic exit. Maybe if I wouldve rolled around in a puddle of toxic waste I wouldve had a better chance of gaining those powers.
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