Debut: January 01, 1982
Ended: January 01, 1993

Much in the same light as Taxi, this show is about a warm place that Boston regulars go to to share their hardships and laughter. Owned and ran by former Boston Red Sox reliever and womanizer Sammy "Mayday" Malone, the bar becomes a notorious place for misplaced hijinks and cookey romance. Coach is the lovable if dense assistant bartender, Diane is the educated debutante who "just happens to be waitressing for the time being", Carla is the sex driven but hard nosed wise cracking waitress. Then there's Norm, a lazy ritualistic beer lover and Cliff, a mamas boy know it all. But for all their shortcomings, this off the wall cast of characters became the loveable bunch that America loved to welcome into their living rooms on Thursday nights.

Sam: "Ah man! I give up!"
Cliff: "It's a little known fact!"
Everyone in the bar: "NORRRMM!!"
Frasier: "Well I don't...I mean...I...I do... I...I...I nev. I WILL NOT BE GRILLED LIKE A COMMON CRIMINAL!"
Norm: "Cheers is FILMED before a live studio audience!"
Sam: "Boy, I tell ya...I'm the luckiest son of a bitch on Earth."
Norm: "You wanna know what I love?"
Sam: "Beer, Norm?"
Norm: "Yeah, I'll have a quick one!"
Sam: "OK, I admit it. I'm not a sad guy, I'm a happy, horny guy."
Sam: "What's the good word Norm?"
Norm: "Boy meets beer. Boy likes beer. Boy...orders another beer."
Norm: "Call me old-fasioned, Cliff, but the only thing I like floatin' in my beer is my liver."
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