Debut: January 01, 1985
Ended: January 01, 1988

In the year 1999 an alien spacecraft crash lands on Macross Island in the south pacific. The people of earth band together to rebuild the ship. They name it The Super Dimension Fortress: Macross (SDF-1) On the day the ship is to take its maden flight, an alien race known as the Zentradi appear. The SDF-1 unwittingly fires upon them and triggers a Zentradi attack. During the attack the ship tries to fold, but something goes wrong and the ship is transported, along with Macross city, the island, and part of the surrounding ocean, out to the orbit of Pluto. The crew of the SDF-1 must now fight their way back to Earth, with the 70,000 citizens of Macross city who have taken refuge in the giant ship.

Rick Hunter: "We Made this bed,now were going to lie in it"
Rick Hunter: "Lisa, tell Captain Gloval we lost Ben Dixon back there."
Lisa Hayes: "Rick, I'm so sorry... The people of this ship are grateful; but they'll never truly comprehend all that you've gone through for them."
Rick Hunter: "Sometimes, I feel like a caged animal."
Lisa Hayes: "Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Monkey, watching people go by.'"
Rick: "I'm glad I'm here with you."
Lisa: "You're not so bad yourself."
Rick: "Really?"
Lisa: "Yeah. After today, I have a feeling I can get to like you."
Rick: "Of course, because I was thinking exactly the same thing."
Maximillian (The Sentinels;wedding scene): "I'm an expert when it comes to these things"
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