You're On!
Debut: August 03, 1998
Ended: December 05, 1998

You're On! is an American television game show aired from August 3, 1998 to December 5, 1998 on Nickelodeon. The show took a premise similar to Candid Camera; however, to adopt the format better for a children's game show, You're On! featured youth contestants trying to convince a passersby to complete a series of predetermined tasks while unknowingly on camera. The show was taped in Soundstage 18 of Nickelodeon Studios Florida and was hosted by Phil Moore. The remote hosts for You’re On! were Vivianne Collins and Travis White. These two briefed the kids on their tasks, congratulated them when all three tasks were completed, or let them know time was up. Reruns of You’re On! have aired on Nick GAS. It was pulled off from the schedule on November 26, 2004.

Phil Moore: "Ready. Set. You're On. -Phil Moore"
Andrea: "I say you can. I say you can't. Can you do it. You're on. -Andrea"
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