Release: April 01, 1983

Taft & Adams High School (or T&A High, for short) is your typical high school in the way that everybody is thinking about sex. The object of 5 young men's desires is named Purity Busch (Linda Speciale). Even though she got them in trouble, they lust after her anyway, and try to get her naked as payback for what she did to them. Along the way, there's strip bowling, chaos at the local drive-in, and lots of women in various states of undress.

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Brent Van Dusen III: "Jerkovski, you jerk off so much, if you ever did get laid, you'd probably call out your own name."
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Brent Van Dusen III: "Stuckoff can fuck off."
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Howie Bates: "Gee, girls, thanks. My first strike!"
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Principal Stuckoff: "Do you gentlemen know the meaning of the word vermin? Heathens? Scum? Trash? Degenerates?"
Melvin Jerkovski: "[raising hand] I think I know what trash means..."
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Rick McKay: "Hey, Jerkovski! Back again, eh? Where'd you beat off this time, study hall?"
Melvin Jerkovski: "No, meat locker."
Brent Van Dusen III: "Smart thinking, Mel. No better place to beat the meat, huh?"
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