Release: October 20, 1995
Release: October 20, 1995

T.S. and Brodie are two suburban high-school friends, both of whom are dumped by their respective girlfriends on the same day. They then go to the local mall to commiserate and hang out, as they often do. Meeting up with punk troublemakers Jay and Silent Bob, they collectively hatch a plan to wreak mall havoc and win their loves back.

Brody: "Want a chocolate covered Pretzel?"
Shannon: "*bumps into Brodie* What, You wanna say something?"
Brodie: "Yeah, about a million things, but I can't express myself monosyllabically enough for You to understand them all"
Brody: "Say Mr. Svenning, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?"
Brody: "You know the rule of my comics, touch not less yee be touched."
Jay: "Fly Fatass Fly!"
Brodie: "I hope his pants get caught and a bloodbath insues. -Brodie"
Brodie: "That kid is back on the escalator again. -Brodie"
Jay to willam: "Jay:Man, all you need to do is smoke a fattie, and you'll be seein a sailboat, an ocean and mabye two of those hot, big titted mermaids doin that lesbian s*it -Jay to willam"
Shannon and Brodie: "Shannon:I'm A rebound guy. I pick up chicks that are coming off of a dissapointing relationship and f*** them in a very uncomfortable place. Brodie:Where? Like the back of a Volkswagon? -Shannon and Brodie"
Jay to Silent Bob: ""Where do you get those wonderfull toys?" (kisses silent bob on the cheek) -Jay to Silent Bob"
Brandie and BRodie: "Brandie: 2nd Suiter, if we were making whoopie... Brodie: What like F@cking? -Brandie and BRodie"
Brandi and Gil hicks and Brodie: "Brandi: suiter number three? Is your kiss soft or like a jackhammer? Gil Hicks: I'd say like a jackhammer. I am in there with some pressure and when I am done, You're changed. Brodie: Where do you come up with this Sh*T! -Brandi and Gil hicks and Brodie"
Brodie & T.S.: "- There is something out there that can help us ease our simultanious double loss. - What? Ritual suicide? -Brodie & T.S."
Walt & Brodie: "- Tell him, Steve-Dave. - F#@k you, Fanboy. -Walt & Brodie"
Steve-Dave & Brodie: "- I was warned about you. Take it easy before I have you removed from the mall. - Warned? What the f#@k are you talking about? -Steve-Dave & Brodie"
T.S. Quint: "Can you two testosterone-seething, he-man, comic book fans finish up with this display of tough guy back-and-forth? I have some questions that need answering. -T.S. Quint"
Brodie & Rene: "- Did you see that shit? You call that romance? - I call that illegal. -Brodie & Rene"
T.S. Quint to Jay and Silent Bob: "- You two up for getting stoned? - Look who you're asking! -T.S. Quint to Jay and Silent Bob"
Stan Lee & Brodie: "- They look happy, don't they? - What, the bras? -Stan Lee & Brodie"
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