The Green Mile
Release: December 10, 1999
Release: December 10, 1999

Paul Edgecomb is a slightly cynical veteran prison guard on Death row in the 1930's. His faith, and sanity, deteriorated by watching men live and die, Edgecomb is about to have a complete turn around in attitude. Enter John Coffey, He's eight feet tall. He has hands the size of waffle irons. He's been accused of the murder of two children... and he's afraid to sleep in a cell without a night-light. And Edgecomb, as well as the other prison guards - Brutus, a sympathetic guard, and Percy, a stuck up, perverse, and violent person, are in for a strange experience that involves intelligent mice, brutal executions, and the revelation about Coffey's innocence and his true identity.

Bill Dodge: "I think this boy's cheese slid off his cracker. -Bill Dodge"
Paul: "I don't think that's gonna happen. In fact… I don't think he did it at all. I do not see… God putting a… a gift like that in the hands of a man that'd kill a child. -Paul"
Percy Wetmore: "You switched 'em. You switched 'em somehow, you bastards. Brutal Howell: [grinning] I always keep a spare mouse in my wallet for occasions such as this. -Percy Wetmore"
John Coffey: "I helped Del's mouse. He a circus mouse. Gonna live in a mouse city, down in.. Boss Howel: Florida? -John Coffey"
Food Cart Man: ""Any last words?" Food Cart Man: "I want a fried chicken dinner with gravy on the taters. I wanna sh@# in your hat. And I got to have Mae West sit on my face cuz I'm one horny motherf@#$%r!" -Food Cart Man"
Delacroix: "He made that man piddle in his pants like a little baby. -Delacroix"
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