Return of the Living Dead III
Release: October 01, 1993

A more straightforward horror film than the darkly comic Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988), this third chapter in the "Living Dead" saga was directed by Brian Yuzna and is quite similar plot-wise to his earlier film, Bride of Re-Animator (1990). J. Trevor Edmond and Mindy Clarke star as Curt Reynolds and Julie Walker, a young couple in love. Curt's father is Col. John Reynolds (Kent McCord), a scientist working on a top-secret project at a nearby military compound. When Curt steals his dad's security pass and sneaks Julie into the base, they discover that the project involves bringing corpses back to life using the powerful gas Trioxin, responsible for events in the previous films. The military hopes to use the mindless, flesh-consuming zombies as weapons, but the experiment goes gruesomely awry. Later, Julie is killed in an accident on Curt's motorcycle and the grief-stricken boyfriend brings her to the base and exposes her to the gas. As she begins craving human flesh, Curt must try to keep her alive while also facing down a local street gang he's unintentionally crossed, as well as the soldiers seeking Julie, led by his father. ACTORS.. Mindy Clarke - Julie Walker J. Trevor Edmond - Curt Reynolds Kent McCord - Col. Reynolds Sarah Douglas - Col. Sinclair James T. Callahan Basil Wallace - Riverman David Wells - Laboratory Technician Brian Peck - Ballistic Technician Fabio Urena - Mogo Jill Andre - Chief Scientist Billy Kane - Sentry Michael Deak - Cop #1 Mike Moroff - Santos Dana Lee - Store Owner Sal Lopez - Felipe

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