Release: March 31, 1989
Release: March 31, 1989

A deliciously nasty black comedy, Heathers is set at a cliquish high school in Ohio. The most exclusive of those cliques is the Heathers, comprised of the prettiest and most popular girls in town. The group's leader is the manipulative Kim Walker, who orchestrates the humiliation of anyone who fails to meet her standards. Eventually, Heathers member Winona Ryder begins to exhibit a conscience; together with her hardcase boyfriend Christian Slater, Ryder plots to avenge all the unfortunate victims of the group. Before long, Heather (Kim Walker) ends up dead along with Kurt and Ram, with poignant suicide notes posted near their bodies. In some European territories, the movie was called "Lethal Attraction".

Veronica Sawyer: "It's one thing to want someone out of your life, but it's another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid draino!"
Veronica Sawyer: "Oh, my God. I'll have to send my S.A.T. scores to San Quentin instead of Stanford."
Heather Chandler: "Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games."
J.D.: "Greetings and salutations..."
Veronica Sawyer: "If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game-show host."
Heather Chandler: "Corn Nuts!"
Veronica Sawyer: "Plain or BQ?"
Heather Chandler: "BQ!"
Principal: "Now I've seen a lot of bullshit... angel dust, switchblades, sexually perverse photography involving tennis rackets..."
JD: "Eskimo!"
Veronica Sawyer: "You know, I have a little prepared speech I tell my suitor when he wants more than I'd like to give him. Gee, blank, I had a really nice..."
Brad: "Save the speeches for Malcolm X, I just want to get laid."
J.D.: "Football season is over, Veronica. Kurt and Ram had nothing left to offer the school except for date rapes and AIDS jokes."
Student: "Did You Hear? School's canceled today cause Kurt & Ram killed themselves in a repressed, homosexual, suicide pact."
Veronica: "And to think there was a time when I actually thought you were cool! If you can't deal with me now then stay home and shoot your tv- blow up a couple of toasters or something! Just don't come to school and don't mess with me. -Veronica"
heather chandler: "well f#@k me gently with a chain saw -heather chandler"
heather chandler: "Grow up heather....bulimia is so 87' -heather chandler"
veronica: "what's your damage heather?! -veronica"
veronica: "killing heather would be like offing the wicked witch of the west...east...no west- I sound like a fu#@ing psycho! -veronica"
veronica: "your beautiful -veronica"
heather chandler: "Did you have a brain tumour for breakfast? -heather chandler"
J.D and Kurt: "kurt: "hey ram, doesn't this cafeteria have a "no fags allowed" rule?" J.D: well they seem to have an open door policy for assholes though don't they?" -J.D and Kurt"
heather chandler: "You were nothing before you met me...you were playing barbies with betty finn!...you were a bluebird, you were a brownie...you were a girl scout cookie! -heather chandler"
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