Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
Release: March 21, 1986
Release: March 21, 1986

Aimed primarily at the youngest viewers, this second "Care Bears" movie once again takes the characters from the popular line of children's toys and builds a storyline around them. This time, the story centers on a pending disaster at a children's summer camp where the nasty Dark Heart is bent on creating divisions among the happy campers by introducing them to such unpleasant concepts as selfishness, jealousy, and other common foibles. Up on the Great Wishing Star in the sky, True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse take it upon themselves to head into the camp and defeat Dark Heart and his negative influence. — Eleanor Mannikka

Draggle to her sister: "I'll do the dirty work, you get the floom."
Grundle King: "Grundles Good. -Grundle King"
Pony and Grundles: "What's Smooze?" "That Smooze!! -Pony and Grundles"
Molly and Danny: "Molly: It's the ugliest thing I've seen! Danny: Reminds me of your friend Laurie. Molly: Does not! -Molly and Danny"
Magic Star: "Meagan, release the Rainbow of Light! -Magic Star"
The Smooze: "SMOOOOOZE! -The Smooze"
Grundle King: "GRUNDLE-MUFF! -Grundle King"
Hydia: "Now in order to make the Smooze, we'll need a few things... Here! (shoves a long list into Reeka's and Draggle's faces) Go get 'em! -Hydia"
Hydia: "It's time for the SMOOZE! -Hydia"
Dark heart: "What good is all your caring if it cannot bring back this child!? -Dark heart"
Funshine: "With the sun on my tummy and a smile on my face, I'm ready for a party, any time, any place! -Funshine"
Dark Heart: "Time for a game of disappearing bears. -Dark Heart"
All: "We care! We care! We care! We care! -All"
Christy: "Help me! Help me! Please someone help! -Christy"
Care Bear: "We CAAAAAAAARRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! -Care Bear"
Share Bear: "What can we do? We were so very many, and now we're so very very few. -Share Bear"
Christy: "Good or bad, you're still a person. -Christy"
Dark Heart: "I'm a boy! I can jump! I can run! I can turn cartwheels! -Dark Heart"
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