Release: July 10, 1998
Release: July 10, 1998

Redheaded young girl Madeline is very good at getting into trouble, but she's also fantastic in solving problems as well, and her school-mistress Miss Clavel is not too approving of her. The biggest problem comes up when Lord Covington decides to sell the Madeline's school.

Madeline: "It is better to be super everything, than super nothing!"
Aggie: "Boobies, Boobies, Boobies."
Madeline: "I'll sue that Bullfighter; that Mousekiller! I'll fight him myself!"
Madeline: "I Can Do Anything."
Miss Clavel: "Good night, little girls. Thank the Lord, you are well. And now, go to sleep."
Miss Clavel: "Something--is not--right."
Pepito: "The only clown here is you."
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