The Grinch Grinches The Cat In The Hat
Release: May 20, 1982
Release: May 20, 1982

The Cat in the Hat is all set for a lovely picnic, but the evil Grinch changes his plans by inventing a contraption that captures noise and makes it sound horrendous. The Cat has to save the world from the clutches of the Grinch and the only way to do it is to reach the Grinch's soft spot.

The Grinch: "[greets to his mirror] And a very good morning to you, Mr. Grinch."
Grinch's Reflection: "So, it is. Is it?"
The Grinch: "Ma…? Mama?"
Grinch's Mama: "Yes, Son. Note be a good boy, and clean up your room."
Grinch: "Yes, Mama."
The Cat: "Follow me, man and madam. We're going to un-Grinch The Grinch."
The Cat: "Please soften your heart. Make Mama happy aaa-gai-ii-in-n-n!"
The Grinch's Mama: "There-there, Son. Everything's gonna be all right."
The Grinch: "Absolutely not. That's a lot of ruff!"
The Cat: "Row-de-dow!"
The Grinch: "Greenface?!"
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