Hardly Working
Release: April 03, 1981
Release: April 03, 1981

Jerry Lewis stars as an unemployed circus clown who can't keep a job.

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Frank: "I'll be back as soon as I can. [then the car bumps towards the mail truck behind by parking itself by Hooper] I'll kill that idiot!"
Millie: "[felt serious] Oh, god."
Hooper: "[to Millie in car] Hi, Millie!"
Millie: "[to Hooper] Do I know you?"
Frank: "[to Millie] Millie?"
Hooper: "[to Frank] Frank."
Millie: "[to Frank] Daddy?"
Hooper: "[to Millie] Daddy?"
Frank: "[to Millie] Millie? Millie?"
Millie: "[to Frank] Daddy? Daddy?"
Hooper: "[to Frank] Frank? Frank?"
Frank: "[to Hooper] Hooper? Hooper?"
Hooper: "[to Frank] Frank?"
Millie: "[to Frank] Daddy?"
Frank: "[to Hooper] Hooper?"
Hooper: "[to Millie] Millie?"
Frank: "[to Hooper] Hooper? I wanna see in my office right now!"
Hooper: "[to Millie] Millie, why did you tell me?"
Millie: "I-I was hoping that dad would stop hating mail carriers and dating would be okay."
Hooper: "What such a big deal? Okay, so I'm a carrier. But it's the mail, not the disease."
Millie: "You don't understand."
Hooper: "Completely, i don't"
Millie: "Larry my axe is a carrier."
Hooper: "Oh, I see. So now 700,009,000 US Postal Service workers are off limits to his little girl."
Millie: "Please, Bo. Later? He's waiting for you. Don't make it worse than it is."
Hooper: "How could it be worse?"
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