Release: March 09, 1984

A mermaid (Madison) saves Alan Bauer after he falls into the ocean. The mermaid falls heads over fins for him and decides to find him. Alan and Madison are perfect for each other but Alan starts to notice Madison's weird behavior. Madison keeps her secret from not only Alan, but the public as well. This creates hilarious results. Will Alan except Madison for who she really is? Directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, and John Candy.

Walter Kornbluth: "There is a mermaid in New York City."
Dr Zidell: "Oh... oh... sure... sure... y-you mean this... this... this "naked girl"? How come she's got legs?"
Walter Kornbluth: "She has legs out of the water, she has fins in the water. You taught me that Dr. Zidell, don't you remember? You taught me all the legends."
Freddie: "They published my letter. Here it is, "A Lesbian No More". They published my letter."
Freddie: "Is anyone here from Penthouse Magazine?"
Reporters: "No."
Freddie: "Then, we ain't talkin'."
Walter Kornbluth: "BEHOLD THE MERMAID!"
Walter: "Well, Dr. Ross, are you considering you might be a sadistic pig?"
Moron: "Let's pee down his airhose."
Allen: "She's really hungry. -Allen"
Kornbluth and Morons: "Morons: Hey, Mr. Cornbeef? Kornbluth: Kornbluth! Morons: What are you looking for? Hidden treasure? Kornbluth: You want to know? I'll tell ya. NONE OF YOUR GODDAMNED BUSINESS! THAT'S WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR! Get outta my way! -Kornbluth and Morons"
Allen Bauer: "All my life I've been waiting for someone. And ,when I find her, she's a fish…"
Freddie: "Nobody said love's perfect…"
Allen Bauer: "Freddie, I don't expect it to be perfect, but for God's sake it's usually human!"
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