Future War
Release: January 01, 1997

A human known as “The Runaway” slave escapes from a spaceship and lands on Earth. He is chased by a Cyborg that commands Dinosaur trackers, He is found by a nun in training Sister Ann (who also has a dark past with drugs and prostitution). Now both are on the run from the law and the Cyborgs and seek aid from street gangs. Directed by Anthony Doublin. The film was shown on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 1004.

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Sister Ann: "I need your help."
Mike: "For what?"
Sister Ann: "Monsters in the hood."
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Fred: "Guess you gotta take the good with the bad, huh Sister?"
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The Runaway: "Earth is heaven."
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Montague: "You look so human..."
The Runaway: "I'm a man."
Montague: "[Skeptical] So you say..."
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Sister Ann: "Let's do this thing."
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Sister Ann: "...I'd like to give you some big words of wisdom, but I just don't have any. My mind's blank."
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Mother Superior: "You had a record. So did Mary Magdalene."
Sister Ann: "I was a whore doing tricks in back alleys. I sold drugs..."
Mother Superior: "Sister Ann, that was then. I'm very proud of you now."
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Sister Ann: "How does an alien-bred human know quotes from the Bible?"
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Sister Ann: "Thank you for not killing me."
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Fred: "Personally, I think you're getting stupid about that kid who bought the farm."
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Montague: "I'm sorry about all that humiliation. It's my job."
The Runaway: "I have a job too; I'm a tool."
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Sister Ann: "Who are you?"
The Runaway: "A tool."
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