Running on Empty
Release: September 07, 1988

The Popes are a family who haven't been able to use their real identities for years. In the early 70's, parents Arthur and Annie set fire to a napalm lab in an effort to hinder the government's Vietnam war campaign. Ever since then, the Popes have been on the run with the authorities never far behind. Now 17, eldest son Danny is eger for a life of his own; this means running the risk of his parents finally being caught or, never seeing them again. Annie Pope: Christine Lahti Danny Pope: River Phoenix Arthur Pope: Judd Hirsch Lorna Philips: Martha Plimpton

mrs patterson: "whats this about a pizza?"
Danny: "you ordered one."
Mrs Patterson: "i didnt. well, will you have to pay for it?"
Danny: "oh no. I'll have to eat it."
Annie: "look what we're doing to these kids. They've been running their whole lives like criminals; and they didnt do anything!"
Danny: "you cant dance to beethoven."
Lorna: "It must be nicer over there"
Lorna: "You're a bully."
Danny: "No. Im a liar. My name isnt's Danny."
Danny: "I wanna stay."
Arthur: "Do you think this is a good time to be talking about this?! we're in trouble here! a unit is only as good as it's strongest link; we're a unit! i taught you.....i taught you all of this, dont you remember that? are we finished discussing this now?"
lorna and danny: "lorna: "im sorry, I thought your moms name was cynthia?" danny: "oh,well on birthday's were all "sam" -lorna and danny"
arthur: "your mother and I tried....and dont let anyone tell you any different -arthur"
arthur and danny: "arthur: "get the bike out of the, get on it" danny: "" arthur: "get on the bike, we'll see ya again" -arthur and danny"
lorna and danny: "lorna: "i dont know how to say goodbye" danny: "well, dont" -lorna and danny"
danny: "its great not recognising yourself when you look in the mirror, it's wonderful having a new name every six months -danny"
danny: "you think your cute dad but your full of shit! arn't we supposed to question authority? you taught me that..who do you think you are? general patton! -danny"
Danny: "you can do what you want to, you can tell your dad, anything, I don't care. I just needed you to know- I don't know what I'm doing...and I love you -Danny"
Danny and lorna: "Danny: "what do you think?" Lorna: "you really want to know? I think I'll go to New York and I'll learn to write and I'll come home every christmas and everyone will be really polite" Danny:"that doesn't sound so bad" -Danny and lorna"
Lorna: "it must be nicer over there! -Lorna"
Danny and Harry (on their parent blowing up a napalm lab): "Harry: "why did they have to blow it up?" Danny: "because they didn't stop making it when they asked them politely" Harry: "come on danny, im serious!" Danny: "because they were dropping that stuff on people" -Danny and Harry (on their parent blowing up a napalm lab)"
Arthur: "are you sure this is a phillips kid? they didn't switch you at the hospital or anything did they? -Arthur"
Lorna: "you have a lot of secrets don't you? and now you have another one -Lorna"
Danny and Lorna: "lorna: "you are certifiable! what is this some sort of smart ass joke, your taking cooking!" Danny: "yeah, well i wanna learn how to cook" Lorna: "yeah right, you have a burning desire to learn how to make apple brown betty!" -Danny and Lorna"
Danny and lorna: "lorna: "I have a job, pumping gas" Danny: "finally got the supreme court to hear your case huh?" -Danny and lorna"
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