Garfield Goes Hollywood
Release: January 01, 1987
Release: January 01, 1987

Garfield, Jon, and Odie travel to hollywood to audition for "Pet Search," and compete to win a thousand dollars. This is one of the lesser-televised Garfield specials, but it's been out on video for years and it's now available on DVD.

Host:: "Good evening and welcome to…"
Choir: ""Pet Search"!"
"Pet Search" Host: "The show that says no matter how insignificant you are, your pet may be a star!"
Garfield: "Odie, the time has come to cut some of the dead wood out of our act, and there's only one way to do it. -Garfield"
Jon Arbuckle Garfield: "Jon Arbuckle:Where were you, Garfield? Garfield:Eliminating some of the competition. -Jon Arbuckle Garfield"
Garfield (gazing at the hotel room): ""A cat could want this?...I'm so happy I could just cry! Check that. I'm so happy I could just sleep...and dream." -Garfield (gazing at the hotel room)"
Garfield: "I'm gonna win that talent competition, become a star, and live out my days in the manner in which I'm going to be accustomed. -Garfield"
Jon and Garfield: "Jon: "This is the life, isn't it, boys? Better enjoy it while you can; we'll have to go back to reality pretty soon." Garfield: "Reality? Where's that?" -Jon and Garfield"
Garfield: "I love show business. It's in my blood, in my ears, between my toes, up my nose... -Garfield"
Garfield: "Hello, folks. How do you do? Garfield here to entertain you." (brief moment of silence) "Thank you--for that large round of indifference. -Garfield"
Pet Search host: "It looks as though we have our winners: Johnny Bop and the Two Steps! -Pet Search host"
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