Silver Streak
Release: December 08, 1976

Despite the presence of hack director Arthur Hiller, this hybrid comedy-thriller works most of the time as pleasant faux Hitchcock. Gene Wilder is a book editor who is relaxing by taking a cross-country train ride. Then he gets caught up in a murder--and becomes a suspect. It's up to him to prove his own innocence. As noted, the script, by Colin Higgins, owes a big debt to Alfred Hitchcock; but the mystery isn't all that mysterious and the comedy isn't all that hilarious--at least not until Richard Pryor shows up, which is at least halfway through the film. Things definitely pick up from there. Jill Clayburgh, as the love interest, is merely along for the train ride. Wilder and Pryor eventually teamed up for several other films, but they were never as funny together as they are in this one.

George: "That's my driver's license photo. I hate that picture."
Grover: "Tell that to those guys over there."
George: "Are they with the police?"
Grover: "No, they're from Traveler's Aid."
George: "I'll create a diversion."
Grover: "Yeah, blow your brains out."
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