The Blade Master
Release: February 15, 1984

Sequel to Ator, The Fighting Eagle (Ator l'invincibile). Akronas has discovered a terrifying new weapon called the Geometric Nucleus, Akronas realizes the danger of this powerful weapon but before he can hide it the evil Zor has invaded his castle. Akronas requests his daughter, Mila, to find his old student Ator. She finds Ator and tells them of the incredible danger Zor poses to the world. It's up to Mila, Ator, and Ator's Asian assistant Thong to save the world from Zor; in a would of cannibals, Snake God's and barbaric soldiers. An Italian production, written and directed by Directed by Joe D'Amato. This was followed by one more sequel, Iron Warrior, and a remake that would go under many titles. The film also appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 3 Episode 303 under the title Cave Dwellers.

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