Beverly Hills Cop II
Release: May 20, 1987
Release: May 20, 1987

After a good friend of his is shot and left for dead, Detroit cop Axel Foley heads back to Beverly Hills to track down a gang of robbers led by "The Alphabet Bandit".

Chief Lutz: "This is a local case. My men will handle it locally Roseweed. Rosewood: Sir, my name is not Roseweed. Chief Lutz: Oh shut up."
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Rosewood: "That guy sold guns, and Dent bought them with stolen money from Adrianos and his own racetrack. He was on his way to Central America. And if you bothered to take your head out of your a**, you would've noticed that we solved the whole thing!!!!"
Lutz: "That cuts it Taggart, you're fired!!!"
Sgt. Taggart: "Yeah, kiss my a**!!!"
Lutz: "Kiss mine!!! (then looks at Rosewood) You're fired too!!!!"
Inspecter Todd: "All I smell is your bullshit -Inspecter Todd"
Axel: "This is the same way Bootsy got killed. All they found was $20 and a pair of Adidas. -Axel"
Jeffrey (Paul Reiser): "This is not my office! -Jeffrey (Paul Reiser)"
Axel: "I'm goin' deep, deep, deep, deep, deep undercover. -Axel"
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