Crocodile Dundee II
Release: May 19, 1988
Release: May 19, 1988

Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee and his love Sue Charlton are being hunted down by a big time drug dealer from Columbia. Dundee was a match for the street thugs of New York City. But will Dundee stand a chance against the Columbian drug gang? Find out in Crododile Dundee II.

Walter: "You want me to lead them to Jaba Point? -Walter"
Mick Dundee: "That's what you call cool, is it? Well, tomorrow, if someone asks you the same question, you can say: "We didn't do nothing," ... or you can say: "We went out to Long Island to help this lunatic storm a fortress!" It's up to you. -Mick Dundee"
Rico: "This Dundee likes to play games! -Rico"
Teddy: "Tell Mick if he wants his clothes back, he can fetch them his bloody self. -Teddy"
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