Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Release: November 21, 1997
Release: November 21, 1997

The evil Outworld emperor Shao Kahn has broken the sacred rules of the tournament and resurrects a queen named Sindel to open his portals to merge the two realms into one. Liu Kang and his comrades have only six days to stop Kahn and save both realms before they bring destruction on Earthrealm. Unless they have the will and belief to fight in Mortal Kombat once again and this time there is only... Annihilation.

Raiden: "You have all made me very proud. I will be watching you. So, stay out of trouble. And remember, be there for one another. You're a family now."
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Motaro: "Without your weapons, you are no match for Motaro!"
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Shinnok: "I offer you one final chance to return to my side, Raiden; to rule all realms with your family."
Raiden: "*To his Earthrealm warriors* THEY'RE my family."
Shinnok: "Then, you shall die with the rest of your pathetic human race!"
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Raiden: "Years ago, my father decree that his heir to the family throne must be strong enough to kill his own brother in battle if necessary. I beat my brother. But, I could not kill him. Only one thing is certain: Kahn must die."
Liu Kang: "This time, you're going to kill him."
Raiden: "I cannot then, I cannot now."
Liu Kang: "So, what do we do?"
Raiden: "You will do your best."
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Raiden: "As long as I have the power, Kahn, you will never rule this world."
Shao Kahn: "As long as the portal remains open, your world becomes MY world!"
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Raiden: "Was I dead?"
Elder God (Fire): "It is only right that Shinnok's son would be allowed to take his place in the Eternal Palace."
Elder God (Water): "You've become one of us."
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Rain: "My squads have already claimed thousands of innocent souls on Earth."
Motaro: "And I would've claimed millions."
Sheeva: "By now, you'd be behind bars on display in a zoo."
Motaro: "If those bars could keep me away from you Sheeva, I would welcome them!"
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Jax: "No trees, no animals, damn. What's going on here?"
Sonya: "Nature's dying. The merger of the realms is almost done."
Jax: "You know Sonya, you keep talking about mergers and realms and all that? They don't mean squat to me, aight?"
Sonya: "I can't explain it. The merger is close, we only have a few days left. Use your imagination."
Jax: "Use my imagination?"
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Liu Kang: "I can and I will!"
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Jade: "It's over, you fools. You've been tricked!"
Sindel: "The legend was a lie. Kahn's portals stay open!"
Jade: "Now, the merger is nearly complete."
Liu Kang: "How could you do this to us?"
Jade: "It was sooooo easy."
Liu Kang: "You will die for this, Jade!"
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Kitana: "Listen to me. Liu is our only hope!"
Liu Kang: "I want to fight Kahn, but I don't know that I'm ready."
Kitana: "You must believe in yourself, Liu. We believe in you."
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Jax: "Man, you got one dysfunctional family, you know that?"
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Liu Kang: "You cannot die!"
Raiden: "I am proud to die a you."
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Scorpion: "SUCKERS!!!"
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Liu Kang: "That just leaves you and me, Kahn."
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Cyrax: "Shao Kahn will be pleased."
Jax: "Shao what?"
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Jax: "If your father's an elder god, what does that make Kahn?"
Raiden: "Shao Kahn is my brother."
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Sonya: "That's it."
Jax: "We've trusted you man, and what happens? You took us on a wild goose chase!"
Liu Kang: "I don't understand; you were advised by the Elder Gods."
Raiden: "The Gods must've lied to me."
Jax: "Yo, forget your gods and immortals, and all that junk! I say the only ones we trust from here and now are humans, nobody else, not even Raiden!"
Kitana: "Don't you understand? By leading us here, he is mortal now just like you. All of his powers have been sacrificed."
Sonya: "That's even worse. How do we stop Kahn now?"
Raiden: "There's more to this than Kahn. If Sindel is not the key to closing Kahn's portals, then Kahn has a higher allegiance."
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Liu Kang: "Your blood flows, Kahn. Just like the blood of a mortal."
Shao Kahn: "Father, how can this be?"
Shinnok: "I warned you there would be consequences for breaking the sacred rules."
Shao Kahn: "I did not expect this!"
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Shao Kahn: "The merger will soon be complete, and all your friends will be dead!"
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