Track of the Moon Beast
Release: January 01, 1976

Paul Carlson is meteorologist that gets struck in the head by a fragment of a meteorite. With the fragment lodged in his brain it causes him to turn into a Lizard like creature when the moon is full attacking and killing the locals. Even in his human form he is effected and his girlfriend Kathy Nolan and friend Johnny Longbow start to notice something is wrong. They prepare to try and remove the fragment from his skull however Johnny recalls in his local tribes legends that Paul will die if the fragment is removed. Paul escapes custody and tries to kill himself with the local police and his friends trying to stop him and help rid him of his curse before it's too late.

Kathy Nolan: "Johnny, you can't do it! He's your friend!"
Prof. 'Johnny-longbow' Salina: "Paul is not *Paul* anymore!"
Kathy Nolan: "But you’re going to kill him with a bow and arrow?"
Johnny Longbow: "Not with just any old bow and arrow but with this!"
Kathy Nolan: "Moon rocks? Oh, wow!"
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