Three Amigos!
Release: December 10, 1986

This slapstick farce features Dusty Bottoms (Chevy Chase), Lucky Day (Steve Martin), and Ned Nederlander (Martin Short), as three silent movie cowboy stars who get the axe from their Hollywood studio. Just at that opportune moment, a woman named Carmen (Patrice Martinez) asks them to come to her forgotten little town south of the border and do some work for her, for a tidy sum. The three "stooges" agree, thinking they are going to perform their singing cowboy routine, but instead Carmen wants them to get rid of the nasty El Guapo (Alfonso Arau) who is running roughshod over the good citizens of the town. Not the kind of heroes they appear to be in the movies, they have a difficult time helping out the distressed townsfolk.

El Guapo: "Oh-ho, you"
Dusty Bottoms: "Jose! (bandidos cheer)"
El Guapo: "Together we..."
Dusty Bottoms: "Burned the village! (bandidos cheer)"
El Guapo: "And, uh..."
Dusty Bottoms: "raped de horses (banditos cheer)"
El Guapo: "And we"
Dusty Bottoms: "Rode off on the women! (banditos cheer but quietly)"
El Guapo: "And uh..."
Dusty Bottoms: "Plundered!"
El Guapo: "Plundered! And uh..."
Dusty Bottoms: "Pruned!"
El Guapo: "....pruned...the, uh.."
Dusty Bottoms: "Hedges!"
El Guapo: "hedges of...."
Dusty Bottoms: "Many small villages!"
El Guapo: "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?!"
Lucky Day: "Oh Great! Real Bullets!"
Dusty Bottoms: "[a small plane flies overhead] What is it doing here?"
Ned Nederlander: "I think it's a mail plane."
Dusty Bottoms: "How can you tell?"
Ned Nederlander: "Didn't you notice its little balls?"
Bartender: "We don't serve beer, we have tequila."
Sunny: "What's tequila?"
Bartender: "Eh, it's like beer."
Sunny: "Ok, three light beers please."
Sunny: "Goodnight Ned."
Dusty: "Goodnight Ned."
Turtle: "Goodnight Ned."
Dusty: "What's in-famous mean?"
Ned: "It's when you besome sooooo famous, you're then in-famous."
Spanish lady: "Would you like to kiss me?"
Dusty: "Yeah!"
Spanish lady: "Well?"
Dusty: "Oh, you meant now?"
Sunny Day: "You're supposed to shoot up, we both shot up. It's like working with a 6 year old."
Ned Nederlander: "Chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip......NANNY!"
Lucky Day: "Faaaaarley, Farley, Farley, Farley, Faaaaaaarley, ahfaaaarl!"
Dusty Bottoms: "Kinut, hoooooola widdle. Tas, habble... sohn."
El Guapo: "It's a sweater! -El Guapo"
Jefe (2nd Boss): "Today......... he is..................... 33 years old. -Jefe (2nd Boss)"
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