Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Release: May 23, 1984

1935. At a swanky nightclub in Hong Kong, Indiana Jones confronts Lao Che, a Chinese gangster, for a trade - a reward in exchange for the ashes of a Ming dynasty emperor. The gangster's sons, however, won't let Indy get out of the trade alive, and a violent struggle ensues that snares up the gangster's moll, torch singer Wilhemina Scott. Indy and Willie escape with Indy's pre-teen sidekick, Short Round, and fly out of Hong Kong - unaware their plane belongs to Lao Che and the two pilots are ordered to bail out over India. Indy, Willie, and Shorty manage to escape and wind up being greeted by a village elder who shows them the ruins of his village - ruins caused by the theft of three stones of great magic power, taken to a gigantic mountaintop palace. The palace, however, belongs to a peaceful young Indian prince who assures that no such action occurred from his palace. Indy, however, is attacked in his bedroom and finds a vast underground system of caverns that lead to an ancient terrorist cult long thought dead, a cult that has kidnapped the children of the village and is using them to dig for the magic stones. When Indy and his friends are captured they are to be sacrificed to the pit of molten rock, but a violent showdown begins that erupts into a savage brawl, gunfire, a mad minecar pursuit, the collapse of an undcerground dam, and a showdown at a rope bridge that threatens to kill Indy, his friends, and the cult. Harrison Ford reprise his "Indy" role, opposite Kate Capshaw, and introducing Ke Huy Quan as Short Round; featuring Akio Mitamura and Michael Yama. Steven Spielberg directs from the screenplay by Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz; Story by George Lucas; Based upon the "Dr. Jones" character from 'Raiders from the Lost Ark', directly licensed from Lucasfilm Ltd. Produced by Robert Watts; Executive Producers: Lucas and Frank Marshall; Associate Producer: Kathleen Kennedy. Music: John Williams - Soundtrack on Polydor. VFX by Industrial Light & Magic. a Lucasfilm Ltd. production for Paramount Pictures. (TM) Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL)

Indiana Jones: "WE. Are GOING. To DIE!"
Indiana Jones: "That's why they call it the jungle, sweetheart"
Short Round: "You call him Doctor Jones, Doll!"
Indiana Jones: "Fortune and Glory, kid. Fortune and Glory"
Wu Han: "Be Careful"
Indiana Jones: "Nice try, Lao Che (Closes plane door)"
Lao Che: "Goodbye, Dr.Jones"
Willie Scott: "I thought archaeologists were funny little men searching there mommies. -Willie Scott"
Short Round and Indiana Jones: "Shorty: Wow! Holy Smokes! Crash Landing! Indy: Short Round, Step on it! Shorty: Okey-dokey Dr. Jones. Hold on to your potatoe. -Short Round and Indiana Jones"
Short Round: "That's no cookie! -Short Round"
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