The Touch of Satan
Release: August 23, 1971

Jodie is a young man who is traveling across the United States he stop in a small town where he meets a girl named Melissa. They both grow fond to each other and Melissa invites Jodie to meet her family. Jodie gets a strange vibe from Melissa and along with weird old lady. The whole town is convinced Melissa is which but despite Jodie's skepticism he finds out that it is all true. Melissa and the old creepy sister (who is her sister) both are cursed after Melissa has traded her soul to Satan to save her sister from being burned alive during a which burning in the 1800's. However Melissa wishes to be free from the curse but her sister has grown crazy over the years and now is a threat to both Melissa and Jodie. The movie appeared on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 913.

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Deputy: "We ain't found nothin' yet, not even a suspicious lookin' cow chip."
Jodie: "Zah!"
Jodie: "This your pond?"
Melissa: "It belongs to my father."
Jodie: "Oh. Does he mind if people skip rocks across it?"
Melissa: "Who are you?"
Satan: "I am a friend and companion of the night. I rejoice in spilled blood and the baying of dogs. I wander among shades and tombs. I am Gorgo, and Mormo, of the thousand-faced moon."
Melissa: "This is where the fish lives."
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