Here Come the Munsters
Release: January 01, 1995
Release: January 01, 1995

The Munster clan comes to America to find Marilyn's father, who's been turned from mad scientist Norman Hyde to politician Brent Jeckyll. The whole Munster clan is here, with Edward Herrmann as Herman, Veronica Hamel as Lily, Robert Morse as Grandpa, Christine Taylor as Marilyn, and Mathew Botuchis as Eddie, plus a cameo appearance by original Munsters Yvonne DeCarlo, Al Lewis, Butch Patrick and Pat Priest. This TV movie ignores the series "The Munsters Today," and spawned another made-for-TV sequel, "The Munsters Scary Little Christmas." Also stars Troy Evans, Joel Brooksr, Sean O'Bryan, Mary Woronov, Jeff Trachta, Max Grodénchik, Judy Gold, Amanda Bearse, Francesca Smith, Jane Carr.

Ralph: "I hope riding in a Hearse doesn't bother you. -Ralph"
Herman: "We're new here! -Herman"
Immigration Official: "I'm terribly sorry, our immigration quota is full. -Immigration Official"
Grampa: "That must be where Spot's been burying the mail carriers. -Grampa"
Lily: "Grampa, it's not the 1400's anymore. -Lily"
Ralph: "Leave your old ways behind and do what the Americans do. -Ralph"
Grampa: "Either we find Norman or Elsa's broccoli! -Grampa"
Eddie: "Grampa, was she in an accident or something? -Eddie"
Marilyn: "These are my relatives. They just arrived from Transylvania. -Marilyn"
Grampa: "We don't have a drawbridge? How do you keep your home safe? -Grampa"
Herman: "Grampa, I don't think you should say, 'fire away.' They have guns! -Herman"
Eddie: "Now at my last school, the kids and parents chased me and tried to kill me with a silver bullet! -Eddie"
Herman: "Grampa, youi're 400 years old! Now stop being so childish! -Herman"
Herman: "Oh, I don't want unemployment, I want employment! -Herman"
Herman: "What's the matter, Grampa? Finally see yourself in a mirror? -Herman"
Cassie: "According your aptitude tests, you're best suited for terrifying villagers! -Cassie"
Lily: "Now, Herman, don't blow your top. You know how messy it makes the ceiling! -Lily"
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